MIDI Channel Syntax

Hello, BB Family

I am looking for the proper syntax to designate a channel number in my OnSong charts. Below is a MIDI example of one of my OnSong charts that sets the song and tempo for the BB and selects the song bank on Quantiloop. It would good to know how to program this setting using the text edit mode in OnSong.

[]MIDI: 0.11:0, CC106:0, CC107:77, PC:02
]Beat Buddy - Channel 1
[*]Quantiloop - Channel 2

Hi CFMD28,
Use the @ symbol to specify a channel and no need for the PC prefix as it’s the assumed default (you can read the syntax here: https://onsongapp.com/docs/features/formats/chordpro/midi/). Also, you don’t need the CC106/107 commands anymore; there’s an option in the settings to send out the tempo at the start of the song - I much prefer this option as it’s easy to change.

I would expect the header of the song to be as follows:
My Song Name
Tempo: 77
MIDI: 0.11:0@1, 0.0:2@2

*I haven’t tested this, so apologies if I got it wrong.

[FONT=Courier New]I borrowed some of this from another member here…It will give you a head start of what settings are required.[/FONT] [FONT=Courier New]I will revise this in a bit to include OnSong and QuantiLoops.
iPad Lightning Port to iConnect Lightning Cable
iConnect MIDI OUT (black) to BB MIDI In Cable
iConnect MIDI In (white) NC
BB small MIDI I/O Connector to side of BB
BB Out to VL3 MIDI In[/FONT]

[FONT=Courier New]BB Settings:
Main Pedal
MIDI Settings
System Real Time
Disable (Prevents VL3 from handling Tempo)
MIDI Channel Number
Channel 2
Output Type
MIDI Merge
Channel 1
Always On [/FONT]

[FONT=Courier New]VL3 Settings:
MIDI Ports
MIDI Tempo
Input Channel
Output Channel
Input Filter
Output Filter

Set List Maker Settings
(Select desired Layout to modify)
Play Automation Track
On (probably not important for this exercise)
Play Tempo
Off (Lets the BeatBuddy handle Tempo)

VoiceLive3X MIDI CC List
For effects that can be switched on or off:
Value 1-63 = off, 64-127 = on
CC No.
1 Harmony Vibrato Boost
16 Guitar – Rhythmic
17 Guitar – Delay
19 Guitar – Compressor
21 Guitar – μMod
23 Guitar – Octaver
25 Guitar – Amp
27 Guitar – Wah
29 Guitar – Boost
30 Vocal Harmony – Key (C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#, A, A#, B) – values 0-11 respectively
31 Vocal Harmony – Scale (MAJ1, MAJ2, MAJ3, MIN1, MIN2, MIN3, CUST) – values 0-7 respectively
46 Guitar – Reverb
47 Guitar – HIT
50 Vocal – Vocoder/Synth
51 Vocal – Rhythmic
56 Vocal – HIT
104 Vocal – Choir
110 Vocal – Harmony
111 Vocal – Double
112 Vocal – Reverb
113 Vocal – HardTune
115 Step – value represents Step Number, i.e. 1 = Step 1, 2= Step 2 etc.
116 Vocal – μMod
117 Vocal – Delay
118 Vocal – Transducer
119 Harmony Hold

BB MIDI Commands
Program Change (CC) summary
CC Value Action
CC-0 [0-127] Bank (Song folder) Select MSB
CC-32 [0-127] Bank (Song folder) Select LSB
CC-96 [1-127] Data increment (+1) – INC
CC-97 [1-127] Data decrement (-1) – DEC
CC-98 [0-127] NRPN_LSB
CC-99 [0-127] NRPN_MSB
CC-106 [0-127] Tempo MSB
CC-107 [0-127] Tempo LSB
CC-108 [0-100] Change the Mixer Volume (Main Volume knob)
CC-109 [0-100] Change the Headphone Volume
CC-110 [0-127] Triggers an accent hit with a volume from the value 0 (mute) to 100 (original recorded
volume) to 127 (amplified more than the original recorded volume)
CC-111 [1-127] Pause / Unpause the current song
CC-112 [1-127] Triggers a drum fill
CC-113 [1-127] Starts song transition
(Selects the next part)
1: Starts transition, will jump to Part 1 on exit
2: Starts transition, will jump to Part 2 on exit
3: Starts transition, will jump to Part 3 on exit
127: Starts transition, will jump to next part on exit
The transition will continue looping until the value is changed to 0.
It is possible to start a song with a transition.
0 Quits the transition and go to specified part
CC-114 >0 Starts the playback of the current song
CC-115 [1-127] Triggers the outro of the song
CC-116 [1-127] Selects a specific drumset
CC-117 Not used Enters Tap Tempo mode and generate Tap Event

MIDI: 0.13:0, CC106:0, CC107:123, CC116:38, CC108:75, 0.1:105@0, CC116:127@0
0.13:0…(14th Folder, Song 1)
CC106:0 CC107:123…(Tempo 123)
CC116:38…(Drumkit 38)
CC108:75…(BB Volume 75%)
0.1:105@0…(VL3 Preset 128+106 = 234)
CC116:127@0…(Turn uMod for Vocal Layer on)

NOTE: You can only use text edit mode in OnSong to add MIDI commands at the top of the song. You cant use the text editor to add midi commands throughout the song. You can use the song section selection to achieve this though. [/FONT]

Thank you, Gents! This most helpful.

@ruairiau, are you referring to this setting in OnSong?

Yes. But I personally disable the option to send it every few seconds. So, for me, it only gets sent at the start of a song. Also, I have a MIDI trigger in OnSong that will start Autoscroll when a MIDI start command is received (Which happens when you start the drums). I just find this handy.
In practice, as I swipe left/right through the songs in my setlist, the tempo is sent, it selects a beat from my ‘Simple Beats’ folder on the BeatBuddy, it may optionally send a MIDI command to select a Bank Preset in Quantiloop (I have also experimented with sending a MIDI command to clear all tracks in Quantiloop so I don’t accidentally forget to do this when changing songs), then autoscroll kicks in when I stomp on the BeatBuddy. In Quantiloop I’ve created a few Bank Presets for 2 Bar, 4 Bar, 6 Bar and manual track length, so if the song needs a loop I can choose a suitable one usually from these.
I should mention that because the beats I use are very basic with no intro, I can play songs that start before drums come in. I keep an eye on the visual metronome to get the tempo and start playing guitar, then I can ‘punch in’ the beatbuddy when I want the drums to come in and it’s all in time.

Just wanted to confirm that these settings are working perfectly.

I now set the tempo in OnSong:
[]Gear Icon>Settings>MIDI Settings>Sync Tempo Channel 1
]This allows me to adjust the tempo from the iPad if I want to change it on the fly.
And select the BB folder and song and the Quantiloop bank and song with this MIDI PC codes
[]BB Folder 0, Song 5 @ MIDI Channel 1 / Quantiloop Bank/Song A2 @ MIDI Channel 2.
]MIDI: 0.0:4@0, 02@1

Not sure if you guys know this, but Unrealbook has a function called a Transmog Button which you can place anywhere on the chart (as many as you like) and it can be assigned pretty much any function including midi. You just tap it and it instantly sends those commands. For example you can place a button at the start of each verse and chorus and cause the BB to jump to the relative midi patterns. It of course can also send a set of commands (outside these buttons) at song start and at each page turn (if there is one).

On Song is a great app, but for me it is a bit “busy” and , imo only, tries to be a"swiss army knife" instead of a chart reader. Anyhoo, just my thoughts :slight_smile:

I have been using Songbook+ for years…much simpler app…It has been around and was first used on Korg PA1x and recommended. Many shy away from higher cost, but then again OnSong makes you pay for all those extras that you need for midi control. I am wireless and use the mi.1 by Quicco connected to Beat Buddy. Known as Bluetooth LE to connect…