Midi clock and arpeggiation

I am trying to set up my BB to send midi clock to a Moog Slim Phatty for arpeggiation. My Alesis Q25 keyboard only has a midi out port, so it has to be first in the chain (Keyboard > BB > MIDI-in on the SP). The keyboard can control the SP fine (regular key presses) through the BB, but the Moog is not receiving a clock signal for arpeggiation.

The only two “midi message” settings on the BB are MIDI-out (which in this case sends clock, but doesn’t allow the keyboard note through, and MIDI-thru (which sends the keyboard note through, but not the clock)

I’m pretty sure I had this same setup working years ago with a (now long-gone) Alesis SR-16 drum machine. I imagine a more expensive keyboard with both midi-in and midi-out would work since the BB could be at the front of the chain, but why can’t the BB “add” the clock signal in the middle of the midi chain?

What am I missing?

Maybe you will need a midi merger (e.g. Kenten, midi solutions, or other). Then you can add both Midi signals together.
If anytime there will be an Midi control ability (and you decide to control BB with your alesis too then), youll have to split Midi signal from alesis, one out going into BB and other out into merger (BB midi out into merger too). And from there into SP... I hope its understandable…?