Midi clock and time signature out

Hi there,

I am using the beatbuddy with the infinity looper. Since V2 of the infinity firmware it recognises both the tempo and time signature of the beatbuddy and therefore allows syncing to the bar which is absolutely great.

I recently added an external source of midi clock to my beatbuddy, but now although the infinity receives tempo ok, it does not seem to get the time signature.

I am guessing that although the beatbuddy sends both timing and time signature, my other clock source does not, and the beatbuddy is just passing the signal through.

I’m not sure if this is a deliberate design feature or something that could be altered. In fact, I have no idea how beatbuddy is transmitting time signature as well as tempo.

Anyhow, is there a way to fix this behaviour please.


MIDI clock does not transmit or receive time signature, it’s just a tempo clock for sync purposes.

Thanks for your comment. Yes, that’s exactly what I thought when I read the wikipedia page about midi clock.

As I said above, I have no idea how the BB is sending time signature, but it does seem to be able to somehow. So however it could work I’m hoping that the BB can have the feature.

Hi @Allenhuish, you are correct, the BeatBuddy does send out a separate time signature MIIDI message. So since you’re passing the external clock source through the BB, the BB does not send its own MIDI signals including the time signature. We’re working on a MIDI Merge function that will hopefully combine external and internal MIDI messages – so this should solve your issue.

In Infinity application you can give songs different time signatures (4/4, 6/8, 3/4 or what you want), you can store them without sound and use them as “Black Canvas 4/4 (e.g.)”. So you can use the needed time signature, to store your loops, just store them on another song number…
That`s the way I handle this problem…(maybe it helps you also…)

Thank you, good point. I didn’t think of that. I hope to give it a try later today or this week.

Ok, I did a bit more testing yesterday.

It turns out that the infinity looper cannot sync/quantize with even 4/4 beats from the kemper. I was looping for a while and couldn’t understand why I kept missing the beat. Then I removed the midi from the kemper and everything worked perfectly. This is a different problem than I thought I had.

Any ideas welcome!

Im also using BB, Kemper and Infinity, but I split BBs Midi out, going into the other devices. Works perfectly… How is your Midi cabling?

I’m hoping to go the other way.

Kemper -> beatbuddy -> infinity

It would mean that I could use tap tempo from the kemper and free up buttons on the beatbuddy. The footswitch on the kemper is nicer too.

Hi all,

I had a helpful email exchange with pigtronix about this. I’m posting it here in case it helps any other people with this issue.

Their conclusion is as follows…

" ran a few tests on how the Beat Buddy works with the Infinity when the Beat Buddy is receiving a MIDI clock. The Beat Buddy can be configured as MIDI Out or MIDI Thru. In both cases the Beat Buddy will send a MIDI beat clock that agrees with the one present at its MIDI In. The difference is that when it’s set to Out, it will send a MIDI Start command, and when it’s set to Thru it won’t. That start command is what allows the Infinity to sync not only the time of the loop but also where it starts. The problem with this is the the time that it takes for the Beat Buddy to receive the clock from the Kemper, then create its own is enough to make the Infinity slip in time. I will continue to look into this, but I believe that this is an issue of hardware restrictions, in that nothing is acting incorrectly, but the given components are not sufficient to make these communications in time. Please let me know if you have any ideas regarding this or if there is anything else I may do for you."