Midi clock in blues shuffle not in time

I’m using the beat buddy with my ditto x4 looper and pbc mastermind. I’m having a problem with the midi clock if I choose one of the 12/8 or 6/8 beats.
If I set the tempo using tap tempo pedal with my pbc and now send to every midi device, it works fine if the beat buddy is playing a straight eighth note beat. But if it’s playing a beat that has a swing feel (triplets) it locks to two if the three triplets and slows the tempo by 2/3. For example, if the master clock is 81 bpm, and I use swing feel the master clock resets to 53 bpm (2/3 of 81). Does anyone know how to fix this?

You need to make sure that the Time Signature on the Master and the Slave are the same… 81bpm in 4/4 time is not the same as 81bpm in 6/8 time - that’s where the confusion is, I think.

Correct. The BPM is quarter notes per minute, unless a device has setting that would permit beats per dotted quarter note.

On the pbc, which is the master, I’m not sure there is a time signature associated with it. So it sounds like this is a setting in the beat buddy I need to check for these types of beats. Where do I find that in the settings menu?
Thanks for the help!!!