Midi Clock In Sync Issue

Help! I love my BB but this issue is making it unusable!!

I have my BB hooked up to receive midi Sync & start/stop from a RC-505 looper.
Everything seems to work as it should, however I notice that the BB falls off time sync and this is completely erratic and unpredictable. It occurs without any commands sent to any device. It simply just falls off time all on it’s own after about a minute or two of playing perfectly in time with the master looper.

Midi sync out from BB to Looper works fine, but I don’t want my BB as master unless you guys can create a way for the time send from the BB to continue even when not playing, and for me to be able to switch songs in the BB WITHOUT stopping it =) <- that would be huge.

Yes, sending MIDI notes while BB is not playing is annoying.

Has anyone found a solution for the BB clock sync issue?

There is only one solution - to pull the MIDI cable. I hope this will get fixed soon.
I don’t have the source code for the most recent firmware currently, so I am unable to fix it this time.

When I tested with Pigtronix Infinity looper using a MidiMonitor app I saw BB sending clock steady at the set BPM set regardless of BB start stop status which would be expected as clock source. Midi Start/Stop commands from BB can be used to control devices that are configured to respond to them but clock events are separate.

When Infinity looper is set to respond to start/stop it starts recording when the BB starts playing, clock has already been running from BB since power up. I set Infinity to not respond to start/stop and prefer to slave to the BB clock only. I use the looper start stop switches to control recording and playback on the looper according to the clock tempo and don’t use it to start/stop BB. If there is sync issue, it is more likely because looper is not quantizing the loop close on the right beat mark so it seems to drift as if it were not synched. Assuming the loop quantization gradually shifting the starting beat a little each time it repeats, short loops would probably be more noticeable over time than longer loops with fewer repeats so it might seem random.

Having BB roll to next song will be nice. As BB gets more midi enabled and can respond to program change events external midi start request would provide that feature either controlled by a looper or midi controller. Or BB could send program change to tell the looper to select a patch etc.