Midi Clock is unstable through Midi Maestro to my Looper

While using the Midi Maestro and especially using the next part and previous part commands the midi clock to my looper starts to warble, and seems like it gets off time… I am using Quantiloop with an irig duo. Can Singualr sound please look into this, I have the latest software on the BeatBuddy, Midi Maestro, and my Quantiloop, just so you know. My Midi lights on my Irig Duo are lit and flashing like it has a great connection, so could be some type of software fix either in the Maestro or the BeatBuddy.

Hi, what version is your MIDI maestro on? 1.1.7 is the latest version

It is 1.1.7

Have you ever had good clock coming from Quantiloop? Was this error not present until the MM was present? If you remove the MM it works smoothly?

How are you connecting Quantiloop to the looper? Using a cabled connection or are you using Bluetooth?


I changed the MIDI Cable and it appears to work fine. Will keep an eye on it.

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