Midi Clock OUT, Check.....Midi Clock IN.......FuBaR

These days I work with a lot of musicians who also use loopers onstage, and the one thing I’ve got to be able to send and receive a midi clock. I just upgraded to the Aeros with the BB and the MIDI Maestro from the VoiceLIve 3 because it has no ability to send MIDI in any meaningful way
So I’m using the MidiMaestro into the BeatBuddy into the Aeros looper and I thought that I could simply sync the whole thing to my iPad via an app called MIDI LinkSync.
I can get the clock out to the iPad, but I can’t get the BtBud to detect the incoming clock (plugged into the MidiMaestro MIDI IN)
Does the MidiMaestro’s, MIDI IN pass that on to the BtBud?
Does the BtBud need to be changed from OMNI to be slaved through the Maestro and an external clock?

What am I missing here?
It’s driving me crazy!
I’ve already learned a lot from this forum, Thank You!

Hey there,

Just trying to understand, are you saying that you are sending clock to the MM via an app to the BB?

The MM does not accept any MIDI commands or clock over Bluetooth, it uses Bluetooth to connect to the MM app.

Please let me know, thanks

That’s too bad. Oh well…
Then could ask for your advice?
I am simply trying to figure how to get another player’s click into my looper when they start the song and in turn, give them my click when I start a song.
Is that at all possible?
I’m playing with several players that seem to be able to give and receive tempos easily through their iPads and many, many apps via MIDI Link Sync. They’re even changing tempo on the fly with everything following the MIDI clock, so the party never stops.
It seems plausible to think I would be able to receive a clock into this amazing rig instead of always supplying it.
Maybe I’m just looking at the whole concept wrong.
Living on a click sucks, especially when you’re having a good time.
Thanks so much for the response.

To clarify…I was routing the MIDI Clock in via the MIDI IN of the MM to pass through and give the tempo to the BB so my loops would be in sync with the rest of the band who use loops, soundscapes and all delays and effects are getting that MIDI Clock. I just never have time to ask at the gig.

To clarify, you were using a cabled connection then?

What version is your MIDI Maestro on? The latest is 1.1.7. The Version number shows on the MM main menu.

Let me know, thanks

Yep. Regular old midi. But instead of getting the clock consistently, it flashes from slave on the BB (2 little arrows) the tempo I’m sending to 40 bpm and oscillates between those 2 states. So I figured I was sending some other info & confusing the BB.
What I can’t seem to do is isolate the issue even when everything else is not running.

Does the issue persist if the MM is not connected?

I can get the clock out to whatever gear or app that I choose, but no matter what I put into the MM, I either get a whole bunch of conflicting info, or, like in the case of my VoiceLive 3X, I get absoluteley nothing. I get the feeling that this is by design to protect something. The fact is that this would be an incredibly useful function because as this art progresses, people will need this as a simple switch function.
I’m obviously not savvy enough to figure it out.

I’m on version 1.1.7