Midi clock to BB doubles the speed of Aeros?

I have Aeros Looper as a midi slave to BB. Everything syncs perfectly. But when I apply midi clock to my board (to sync tremelo on another pedal) it doubles the speed of the wave scroll on the Aeros and doesn’t let me record or overdub. The bpm matches on the BB with midiclock, and the bpm seems to match, according to the screen, on the Aeros. Yet the play back scroll is going really fast, and I can no longer input anything into loop.
Is there a setting I’m missing?

Edit: So sometimes I CAN overdub, but then it won’t let me undo. It shows, on the Aeros screen, the action of undoing, but the overdub is still audible.

Hey there,

Could it be the Keyboard is also sending MIDI clock? Have you double-checked MIDI sync settings on the keyboard to make sure there’s nothing being sent out along with BB clock? Let me know, thanks!

Oh, I’m sorry
I should clarify, it’s my pedal board. Not keyboard. The only thing that has midi clock out is the same MC8 controller that is controlling the BB, and the rest of the pedalboard. Everything else in the chain is in sync. But the Aeros seemed to double. So if I’m at 100bpm, the Aeros is scrolling at 200bpm.

It seems that BB is sending both, just tested with Ableton, we have to make a fix that keeps BB from sending the clock it’s receiving and the clock it’s sending out.

For now, setting BB Midi Output to “Out” instead of Merge will work to stop this behavior.

Thanks Brennan for looking into it! I’ll try that out.

FYI, I was experiencing the same problem, and disabling MIDI merge on the BB MIDI output solved it.
However, MIDI merge is necessary for working the MM before in the MIDI chain, so it’s annoying to change settings back and forth depending on the setups.

Don’t worry guys, we are on it, Dev has already started looking into it and says it’s a simple fix, it should be in the tested version soon. More info on when that’ll be out should be coming soon as well, stay tuned and thank you for your patience.

I’m really hung up here. If I could get this midi clock issue to work as it should, I could really free up a lot of hassle.
Right now I have midi out on the BB set to “out” as opposed to “merge”. This does in fact keep the Aeros from reacting to 2 separate tempo inputs (tempo from BB and midi clock are both same bpm, but Aeros doubles them ((150bpm becomes 300 bpm on Aeros, and the Aeros scrolls really fast))
However, without midi merge, I can’t control the Aeros from my midi controller.
So on my pedalboard, I have to choose if i want to manually control timing on each of my pedals separately (No!:laughing:), or manually control track mutes etc on the Aeros (Not really!).
I know you said it’s a simple fix, coming soon. But I wanted to share the scenario with this thread.

Not to fret, we’ve already fixed it in the BB tested version, this will very soon be a thing of the past, thank you for your patience!

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I had a similar issue with my Line 6 Helix, a MIDI clock source, and the Aeros. It did turn out that I had two MIDI clock sources running at the same time, even though the Helix was supposed to slave to the midi drumset (this was before I got my Beatbuddy). I had to disable MIDI Thru on the Helix to get the clock source working correctly, but this did cause issues with song stop-start. I’m glad that this will be addressed soon; I don’t currently have this issue as I’m now running Beatbuddy -> Helix -> Aeros in terms of MIDI setup, and I had to disable the clock send on the Helix. This will open up new routing options.

Is disabling clock send a different option than midi thru on HX stomp? I have pedals in chain, after Stomp, that need midi commands… But not clock.
I don’t think I want to put anything (pedals) in between BB and Aeros (afa disabling midi) because I DO use midi out from BB to Aeros. But perhaps disabling clock before BB would work. Basically I need my MC8 to send clock to all my pedals, except the BB and Aeros, but I can’t figure out how to separate them without sacrificing midi control completely

I have a Helix Floor, and on that, they are two separate options. I don’t know about the stomp, but I assume it’s similar, as I think it can send MIDI clock messages (tap tempo). On the Helix Floor, it’s under Global Options -> MIDI. I think it’s something like “Enable MIDI Clock Send” or something. With this of, you tap tempo will not ever sync to other devices, but this is fine if something else is providing clock for you.

Well, I was excited for a minute. But alas, I can’t bypass midi clock without turning midi through “off”. I’ve spent this whole week trying to find a workaround. I’m at a dead stop with a project, until this gets fixed.
TX midi clock is off
I’ve tried RX midi clock to off
I can only get results turning off midi through on hx, but I need midi through.

Hey there, yes unfortunately only a fix will solve this issue, we should have progress on this shortly.

Thank you for your patience!