Midi clock without start Beatbuddy

Hi everybody,
iam working with Setlistmaker to manage my songs. With Setlistmaker i can synchronize the tempo via midi to the Beatbuddy. When i select a song in SLM my BB starts immediately the beat and this is what i want to prevent. My wish is to send the tempo clock without starting the BB because i want to start it with footswitch. Is it possible to configure this in BB?


Sounds like Setlistmaker is sending a mid start. BB isn’t starting on clock signal it would just adjust tempo according to incoming clock. MidiMonitor or something similar to sniff the midi traffic could confirm. The below is from their page.


  • If you use your song tempos to send MIDI beat clock messages, Set List Maker will now send MIDI start and stop messages when you start and stop the tempo.

If it can’t be flipped so BB provides clock and start/stop to Setlistmaker you may need a midi filter app/box if the SLM can’t have the start/stop disabled.

Hi Norbert,
my problem was solved a few days ago. Pigtronics released a update of the looper firmware to filter these commands and now its running as i wished.

Thank you

Cool, didn’t pickup on related to Infinity, I have one too and did update not long ago, but now see the new version to apply, Nice box, can’t wait for more midi out from BB to do more with it. Thanks to you too! Btw your ID 897 shows as 897,23 mins ago when posted, almost had to check what day it was :slight_smile: