Midi command for locate and load song on Aeros

I know you can set a button to go to the song list and another to scroll and another to open but can you go to the song list, locate, and open in one button utilizing down and up. Effectively you could set an entire page to song titles if this would be possible.

Hello there, no, this is not possible

You must use MIDI Song Select to open any song on the Aeros via MIDI.

But cant the midi maestro do it with one button?

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using midi song select?

*steps to use MIDI song select:

The Aeros needs two commands to open a song, MSB and PC

1. On the Aeros, open/create a song and edit the song parameters
2. Turn on the MIDI Song Select feature
3. Set the MSB layer that will activate this song. MSB is a range of 0-127 and is represented by the CC:0 values 0-127. First layer is layer 0.
4. Set the PC command that will fully open the Aeros song. This is its own type of command (not a CC), PC stands for Program Change.
5. Send an MSB (CC:0, value: 0-127) and a PC message (Value: 0-127) to the Aeros (in that order, but can be strung as one sequence)

For example:

I want my song to open to CC:0 value 0 (MSB 0) + PC 10. I turn on the MIDI Song Select feature in the edit/create song screen, and set MSB to 0 and PC to 10.

Then, I will send a CC:0 Value 0 command followed by a PC 10 command to open the song."

Can this be done using the midi maestro? If so is it done doing one of the commands on a down stroke and the other on the up stroke or how do you configure.

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Yes this is describing how to do it in the app, they can all be on the same “stroke”, press or release.

has anyone actually done it … I have done it a dozen times and it will not respond from the maestro to the areos. I am using the app, creating the midi commands, and sending them and it does nothing. ughhh This is such a fundamental feature for functionality if you are going to actually perform live with this, I am pretty proficient with midi, been doing it since the early 90’s but its got me whipped.

Hello has anyone actually done it?

Ok so buried in the notes of the last firmware release is the incredibly important note that a song has to be open for it to work. it will not work if the aeros is just in the song list.

Hey there, I see you figured out what was in the way, apologies that this caused you so much trouble!

We will be fixing that issue very soon!

Thanks for the questions and updates

so now Im back to home and I try to open songs with MSB and PC.
At first a question: when I have open one song and want jump to another …how it’s possilbe?
I switch the songlist on BB with CC:119-1 step up or CC.119-0 step down…
Is it by BB also possible to start every song directly with a number? C:32-0 open a folder and then?
When i want the songs in the same order on the aeros, I need one button for one Song? It’s not possible to send a command combination because by the BB it moves steps up and down and on Aeros direct the song but with a button? I dont find a realy salution.

Hi I just responded to you DM, please forward your questions to support@singularsound.com so they can assist you here.