MIDI command for Recording source

This might already be in the post 4.1 MIDI feature set, but:

Add a MIDI command to set the recording source, effective ‘real time’.

This would allow instrument through main inputs, processed vocal through Aux and have the ability to select which sources are used when you record/overdub.

Would have three values:

1 - Main only
2 - Aux only
3 - Both

Thanks for the consideration.

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Hey there, we do plan on eventually allowing all the Main Menu settings be manipulable via MIDI, so you are not far off

Thanks for the request

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Thanks Brennan.

Just to note that being real time is important, obviously at the moment you have to come out of recording to get to the main menu, so software might only expect changes at this time.

For example (knocking on heavens door):
Track 1 - 1st guitar - chord sequence (recording at least main input)
Track 2 - bass (at least main input)
Track 3 - record vocal harmonies during guitar solo (recording aux only)
Track 4 - 2nd guitar (for chorus) (recording main input only)