Midi command, midi response delay specifications

Is there a specification for the response time of the BeatBuddy to commands. How long does it take for the Song, DrumKit or Tempo selection change?

I’ve found that when using my DAW (Cakewalk), the song loads up while the rest of the tracks are loading, and to change drumkits it usually takes about 1 or 2 measures. Tempos generally changes as soon as the change is detected.

Thank you for your response. I prefer to know actual timing results.

With the latest firmware there was a reference to DrumKit usage.
“* Prevent Song Manager from setting default song tempo / drumset if those were set by MIDI 500ms before.“

This is the first reference I was aware of. When I send MIDI commands to BB the timing has an impact on the start up, response. I have been using a delay function to separate the commands. It works, but I would like to be using specific delays times. Example. After song and Tempo, DrumKit, I use 2000ms before the Start/Play.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

I really appreciate you taking time to respond

I use Bluetooth LE device by Quicco Sound mi.1. Receives control messages with little latency…
But I think Bluetooth LE is an Apple feature only. I use it on my IPad App Songbook+ to select a folder.

Thank you for your interest. My question is not related to Bluetooth and response times but rather, how long does the BeatBuddy take to respond to midi commands.

After a command to select a song MSB-LSB-PC-Start does it take for the BeatBuddy Play the audio?

Should there be a delay between each command? From my experience, the BeatBuddy requires a slight delay between commands to respond.

Songbook for instance didn’t work until Songbook enabled the Delay midi command within Songbook.

I use delays in forScore before sending commands. Especially the play command. I set a pause for 2 sec to have the BeatBuddy audio to play correctly.

I hope I expressed my situation more clearly.

Thanks again for your interest.