MIDI command sent from OnSong randomly stops working

I’ve been using OnSong to change programs on the beatbuddy. Randomly and for no apparent reason, a particular song will stop working. The midi command is there when I look in the text editor. The only way to get it to work again is to set up the command again in OnSong. This produces a second program change command identical to the original one, but it now works. I’m using the Yamaha wireless Bluetooth adapter and all of my firmware and systems are up to date. I’ve only used the BB a couple times, but this quark has got me worried as I have a high profile , half hour gig coming up. It’s almost like a bit is getting dropped.

Is it possible for you to use the setlist feature of BeatBuddy? As a workaround/backup I mean :thinking:

You mean that the song on BeatBuddy is not updated, right?

Can you verify that the midi is/isn’t sent? In other words: is this problem in OnSong or something after it (Bluetooth adapter or BeatBuddy)? :upside_down_face:

The midi is being sent as the tempo changes, and I can go back to a different song and it changes as well. This issue happened a couple of times and to songs that had previously been working fine.

So once it happens first time, then that song in OnSong stops functioning properly, did I understand correctly?

That would be some weird problem with OnSong for sure. Have you tried their forum/support?

That’s correct. Even if I cut and paste from a different song, nothing happens. If I set it up again, it works, but then I have two identical midi commands in the text.

Am I also correct that everything worked until you started using BeatBuddy? :thinking:

Anyway, I think the problem just surfaced once you took up BB and it’s actually not BB related at all :sweat_smile: Your best shot would be to ask from OnSong support/forum :relieved:

Is it possible to set the default tempo of each song in BB so you don’t have to send the midi command? :upside_down_face: This would be a workaround :relieved: If you use the same song with multiple different tempos then you can copy the original using BB Manager software :blush: And then set different default tempo for that :yum:

I have the songs all set up no worries. I never used the midi commands before getting the beat buddy. I had to start somewhere as it could be the MIDI interface, the BB, the iPad or OnSong.

When I was first setting things up I ran into the problem originally. I set up a song, got OnSong to change program (which is pretty much all I do with it except tempo) and it worked fine. As I added songs, one of the previously working songs stopped working. Last night I was just practicing and one of the songs stopped working. I plan to ask the OnSong community as well.

I have not yet. I think, and I have to try to verify this, but I think that it was still switching songs, just to the wrong song. That had me thinking it was dropping a bit somehow. That could be BT adapter, breakout cable, or something else, including OnSong. Also thought of a timing issue, like is it sending the signal too soon? I don’t know

I did get on onsongs forum, but it’s not as well organized as this one.

Adding songs to a folder that was already mapped or indexed by On Song could cause this behavior.

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I am using the identical setup Onsong - Yamaha - BB and I am sending these program change commands without any problem in a big amount of songs.

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Check to make sure ALL cables are secure. I’ve experienced that glitch before and once I tightened all connections, the issue went away

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