MIDI command to select different Drum Set: OnSong & BB

Is there a MIDI command to send to BB to specify a Drum Set?

I’m pretty new at this stuff but after much effort I finally accomplished using MIDI with OnSong to select a folder/beat from BB. My BB just has the stock selections for now. I setup 3 songs on OnSong with MIDI commands and when I switch between songs - it changes the folder/beat. But how can I select a different Drum Set?

Thanks in advance!

I have the same question

The drum kit is “tied” to the song file. You need to set the kit using BBM, you can also change it manually on the pedal, but there is no midi command to change a drum kit

If you can add raw midi data in onsong then you can send that data to change the drum kit on the BB padel. I.m Not familiar with onsong. I use setlist maker. In setlist maker there a field for adding raw midi data. I have the raw data b9 74 05. In there to change the drum kit in BB padel to the ballid kit.

CC-116, it’s listed on the last page of the MIDI manual: https://singularsound.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/MIDISettings-NewFirmware1.77.pdf