MIDI Commands and Loopers

Hi, I currently ‘midi sync’ (for timing) my BB to my DittoX4. However, i notice the BB has alot more midi capabilities. Also, my DittoX4 support external midi control (for starting/stoping/switching loops etc.) So now I’m thinking it’d be great to have the BB switch my Looper (from chorus to verse for example) at the same time I switch to Part2 on the BB. I have the DittoX4 cc # , but can’t find how to program the BB to send the right cc# for a given foot action.
Anyone know how (or if possible) to do this?
Thanks, Tim.

I have the same setup.The BB only sends a cc 102 at the end of the transition and only on midi channel 1.The Ditto X4 only accepts midi signals on midi channel 4.So I use a Midi Solutions Event processor to map the CC coming out of the BB to the one accepted by the Ditto.
It works like a charm.I also send a start from the BB after the intro of the BB,so my Ditto starts recording immediately on loop 1 if it is empty or play loop 1 if there is already a loop.
Cheers, keep in touch.

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Hello Luna, thanks for the info.
I’ll for sure be doing a search on that ‘Midi Solutions processor’!
Do you have a video ‘demos’ of your setup by chance?

Midi Solutions Event processor is great for this kind of thing. I’ve moved on to some custom code running on a Raspberry pi to control and translate everything midi, but that’s overkill for this.

Best thing about the Event Processor is that it’s small and doesn’t need it’s own powersupply.

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Not overkill at all - I’m a RaspberryPi enthusiast as well (and do a little coding also).
I’d love to see your setup. Are you using USB to Midi cables (off of the Rpi) to your BB and looper? (DittoX4?). Do you use just one foot controller (into the Rpi) to control everything?

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Some devices (Korg Minilogue, Arturia Beatstep Pro, Akai MPK mini, and previously my Boss RC-505) just plugged directly into the usb ports of the Raspberry Pi, and I use USB to midi cables to control the Beatbuddy (and is now connected to the midi out of the Aeros looper, too).

Yes, I use a DB9 cable to run from the footswitch to the header pins of the pi to give me 8 switches (probably will replace with a DB25 and add more switches).

I did this to synchronize song part changes between my looper and the Beatstep Pro (which live recorded and sequenced drum beats) and trigger fills appropriately on the BeatBuddy, as well as beat sync the Line 6 Helix, Korg Minilogue, Korg Volca FM, and Boss VE-500.

Here’s my current synth board that has the Pi on it. This connects with my Aeros/Beatbuddy/controller pedalboard and my guitar/vocals pedalboard.

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The midi control program I wrote, integrates the pi pins and has a UI to write the rules that route and transform the midi messages to pretty much any other type of midi message, using ranges, variables, remapping, etc… the rules can be saved as their own files and can be reloaded. When the pi starts headless it loads a certain config. Super easy to customize.

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Sweet rig. Is that the Rpi under the serial cable in the top-left corner? Would you be willing to share your Rpi code with me? Would love to see a cabling diagram/schematic(lol) if you have one. (I have a minilogue as well.)

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Yes, that’s the pi.

I’ve debated if I should find a way to monetize my code, since it appears to be more fully featured than any of the commercial midi processing software or hardware that I’ve used so far. I’d be willing to work with an existing company to commercialize it. @DavidPackouz hint hint lol! No, I know Singular Sound has enough on their plate already. If nothing comes of it, I might open source it. I work in software R&D, which is why I hesitate.

I’ll see if I can find something to generate a diagram for you.

Nice rig! I’ll send some pics of my full one-man-band rig in a minute after I get the kids to bed.

Here’s the synth board described above:

Here’s the guitar/vocal board. Underneath is a Furman power conditioner, a Shure IEM transmitter, and a Truetone CS12 pedal power supply (the Seymour Duncan Powerstage 170 is for when I hook this up to an actual guitar cab):

Here’s the beatbuddy, looper, and controller board (the controller is just a crappy hasty poc controller box holding basic SPST switches–it’ll be replaced with a better enclosure):


Wow, great rig. Thanks for sharing.

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Are you using a generic footswitch into your Rpi?, and then the Rpi is sending your Midi signal (usb?) to your gear for a given footswitch press?
I’m thinking I might try to perhaps use my footswitch (into my Rpi) to have, say, Switch#1, trigger the Rpi to send (for example) a start/stop midi signal to both the BB and my Looper. (each on a different usb>midi off the Rpi).
Does that sound plausible?


I have a set of SPST switches that each connect one of the rpi pins to ground (or +5v, I dont remember which off the top of my head), and use a library (pi4j) that lets me listen to that change in code. Then you can use a midi library to respond by sending midi messages to your device.

It won’t have the cool screens, but it’s a cheap way to add lots of control.

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