Midi Commands to Change Drums Kits


I feel a bit foolish making a request because of the amount of work you have had to do to get your product this far. Way beyond anything I have achieved, so far anyway :slight_smile:

I hooked up my iPad to a Zivix Puc. Downloaded Onsong into the iPad, switched on the BB pedal and off I went. It took me about an hour to work out the midi commands from Onsong, so that I could assign a folder and a song to each track in Onsong. Awesome!!! Very happy with this.

Next up was finding a setting in Onsong to assign a drum kit to each track. This is where I realised that I can’t be done as such.

The tempo change is ok, but not really that functional live for me, as the pedal can store this individualised info anyway.

So, my feature request, if possible is to be able to change drum kits from midi commands.

I have no idea if this is possible or the shear amount of work it would take to make it possible. So please forgive me if I am expecting way too much.

Still loving the pedal !!!


Don’t know if this what you’re looking for http://forum.mybeatbuddy.com/index.php?threads/how-to-make-onsong-send-song-select-to-bb.6039/#post-27866

Hi Persist!

I have just managed to changed drum kits in Onsong with the following command.


CC116(drumfolder):1(kit number)

The 116 is the command for drum kits. Followed by the number of the kit you want to use. For some reason the number does not start at 0 for the first kit. On my BB No.1 means No.1.

Awesome! Thank you for the link. Took a little bit of tweaking.

Rodders :):):slight_smile:

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Thanks for letting us know you got it working, Rodders

Just what I’ve had a problem with, thank you for the help…:slight_smile: