MIDI communication from "Mobile Sheets Pro" on a Samsung Tablet

I use Mobile sheets pro as my music folder on a Samsung Tab S2 tablet. It works brilliantly. It has midi functoriality so each song can be given the midi commands needed to trigger MIDI responses. My friend uses the same software, and he has added the midi function to his BeatBuddy so that when he changes a song on Mobile Sheets Pro it automatically triggers the BeatBuddy to change to the same song. I would like to do the same but with no success. I have checked, and the song actually triggers the MIDI interface (it flashes) when the test is done but does not trigger the BeatBuddy. My friend is using a Windows tablet/computer. However when he connects via my BeatBuddy with the same MIDI settings as his it is not successful. So I suspect that my pedal may be at fault. I am running the newest Firmware as well. Doae anyone have any advice that will be of assistance to make it work Thanks Athol.

Be sure to have midi out of the tablet connected to the midi in of the beatbuddy.
Here is a link to a video, explaining about the midi settings, there may be a better vido, but this one show at least the midi settings and gives some explanation about the BB in combination with Onsong.

About 4:40 minutes in the video, is the part of the settings on the BB

Thanks for the advice. I tried that and still it does not work. What should the MIDI settings be on the Beatbuddy? I might have a simple setting incorrect.

I have done all possble tests. And established that the midi functions do not work on my BeatBuddy.

Everything works fine on my friend’s Beatbuddy with my tablet. However my Beatbuddy does not trigger his tablet nor mine.

CONCLUSION will I need to buy a new BeatBuddy?

Needless to say this is the first time i have ever tried the midi function on my pedal.

This is one of the first BeatBuddy’s produced. I venture to say it was the first one shipped to New Zealand!