Midi Compatibility

I just got a Boss RC-500 looper and would like to get a BB if I can get midi sync signal from BB into RC and use the RC as a slave device. I saw a compatibility page on the singular sound site that indicated no compatibility with RC devices.

However, the BB midi cable breaks out into two standard 5-pin midi male connectors ( one IN and one OUT). Boss has their midi adapter cable that has a proprietary mini jack that plugs into the RC500 and terminates to a 5-pin male plug. If I connected the Boss cable to the singular sound OUT cable connector with a female/female midi coupler it seems like it should work.

Any feedback appreciated!

Hi surfkat54 welcome to the forum

Simply connecting the devices using the correct cables should be enough to sync the midi clock (making sure BB and the RC use the same tempo - ie change the tempo on the master will change the tempo of the slave).

However, what other functionality are you expecting ? If you want to say, trigger a fill or transition when you start recording a new loop we (non-owners) wont know this until Boss releases the midi specification. It doesn’t look like there is one (or a manual) yet in the support pages

If it’s anything like the RC10R you won’t be able to do this without a midi processor in between.

By the way, the TRS Type-A midi adapter used by Boss is actually conforming to a midi standard so you will be able to find cables from other manufacturers (just make sure it’s Type A - there’s also Type B and C that are incompatible)

Thanks very much for the fast response!! I think I messed up my inquiry the more I think it through.

I think it may work better if I use my RC 500 loop station as the midi master and use the BB as a slave. The only data I need to pass is start, stop, and tempo. Your confirmation of std midi cables helps!! The only change is that I would need to connect to the BB IN connector and setup the BB as the slave. Would hugely appreciate a reply to assess this idea for midi compatibility.

Thanks very much!

Yes you would just need to connect RC midi out to BB midi in. No need to connect BB out to RC in if you aren’t using that functionality.

Otherwise you can set the clock sync setting to Internal to avoid the RC synching with external clock


Thanks for all your help - I’m ordering my BB from Sweetwater tomorrow!!


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Hi Steve,

I’m very curious to know how you’re getting on with BB and your RC-500! Can you give us a review please?

Many thanks,