Midi control problem

I’m trying to control 4 external floor pedals from a Helix floor pedal with midi commands. Doing my best to try and figure it out on my own looking at videos, parameter guides and reference guides etc. One of the floor pedals is the Beatbuddy. The others are the Helix (master), 2 loopers and a guitar synth.

I’m able to generate “functional” midi commands directly from the Helix to the BeatBuddy, but nothing behind the BB reacts to the midi commands that I try to send them. I can’t seem to get the midi command to pass through the BB to the other foot pedals.

I am using separate midi channels for each unit. The Helix is set to Base and I’ve also tried channel 1. It doesnt seem to matter either way. BeatBuddy on channel 1. One looper on channel 2, another looper on channel 3 and the synth pedal on channel 4.

I can bypass the BB and control any and all of the other pedals properly with midi and everything communicates with the Helix (except the bypassed BB), so I’ve determined the BB settings or possibly it’s the “out” cable part of the midi adapter cable has gone bad.

I have also tried setting the BB at the end of the chain of pedals and everything works, including the BeatBuddy. I should probably leave it that way so I don’t have to deal with the frustration, but I’m the kind of person who likes to solve problems.

I was hoping that someone might take a look at my BB settings and tell me if you can see anything wrong.

BB firmware version 4.1.6

Input settings:
System Real Time sync-enable, start-disable, stop-disable
midi channel 1 (tried omni as well)
Note on-enabled, note off-ignored
PC-default mode

Output settings
Midi merge (tried midi through)
Channel 1
Sync-always on, start-disabled, stop-pause and end
notes-disabled (tried enabled)

Thanks in advance

Hey there,

Weird! Maybe some sort of formatted MIDI command we don’t support sending…

My only question is have you tried to replace the BeatBuddy MIDI adapter or swap out MIDI cables to make sure it isn’t a cable issue?

Thanks for responding, Brennan. I have tried multiple midi cables bypassing the BeatBudy and everything beyond the BB functions. The BB functions to the Helix commands, but nothing past it (when in the middle of the chain somewhere) seems to get the command. I did end up forwarding this post directly to Singular Sound. Jay Responded and said that he believed the breakout cable was probably bad and is mailing me another. Once I receive it and try it, I’ll give an update as to if that was the issue.

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Cool, let us know!

Ended up being a defective break out cable on the “out” portion side. Jay with Singular Sound sent a replacement and it solved my problems. Kudo’s to Singular Sound customer service!

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