MIDI control quesions...

I am wanting to use MIDI commands to load songs in BB. IN the manual it explains how to select song folders and songs, but it does not explain how one knows which folder is 1, or 5, or whatever. On the BB the main song folder starts with Blues - so is this folder 1 (for the purpose of MIDI selection) ?

What if I want to create my own fodler hierarchy? Is this possible? I have tried creating a new folder using the manager software, but I can not find a way to either name, or rename them? Can I create a list of song folders specifically for selecting songs via MIDI?

Are the more informative manuals or tutorials on the midi aspects?


Look, lets break it down for you. The first folder as far as midi is concerned is 0. Then the next folder is 1, 2, 3, etc.
So if your Blues folder is the first folder, it would 0 as in Zero… Then following folders would follow suit.
So your midi command would be 0 for the first folder and 0 for the first song IN that folder. the second song in the first folder would be 0 again for the folder and 1 for the second song. You can create any folder and name it anything you want, but do not use numbers to name your folders.

ahh, okay cool. That was the answer I was looking for…how BB was listing folder #. It is as I suspected that the first in the list regardless of anything else was 0 then they followed on from that.