Midi control transitions

im using Onsong and irig Blueboard.

I assigned one pedal to play transition. Midi CC113 value 127, then added delay and added another message midi CC113 value 0.
It sort of works, and i get single press transitions, but sometimes it plays a transition and loops it infinitely. And you never know what will hapen: will it loop or will it go to next section.

Anyone had this issue?
Im using irig blueboard in program change mode. Mapping pedals as i described above.

I use a hardwired midi footpedal and haven’t run into that issue. I only use 2 parts (max) for any of the songs I play so I only transition between those 2. I use a 400ms delay between the 2 CC113’s but instead of sending 127 I send a value of 1 or 2 to force it to the transition I want. Obviously that takes up 2 pedal switches instead of one.

One thing you might check is increase the delay to make sure you’re not having any latency issues and dropping CC data. Good luck!

I solved this by removing delay command entirely. Its strange, because in Onsong tutorial video they show it with delay command added.

Good to know, thanks!