MIDI control

This is a novel idea. How about you make your $300 MIDI controller actually work as a MIDI controller and not an over priced Beat Buddy controller? We were promised a working firmware 2 months ago…I can see how C19 can slow things down, but coding can be done remotely and you already have our money…so WTF?

Hey there, I do understand the frustration, we are working as fast as possible to get iOS app up, but the original dev delay (we had to drop the original iOS launch dev) has been a big setback but we are hopeful that will turn around soon enough. The Android app is working well but we are also seeing some delays due to Google’s pile up for updates, so the latest version we have ready is taking a long time to be uploaded. We are also implementing the Aeros MIDI compatibility for the next big update following the one that will be out this week, further expanding the use of a MIDI Maestro.
I know you’ve already been asked to wait, and it sucks to keep hearing it, so I apologize that this has been such a delay. Please know it isn’t an afterthought and it is constantly being worked on.

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Why not just create browser version for editing? Your device has bluetooth already, so it can work as little web server and also implement BLE MIDI device. I made a device recently that does that, and I could help with something. https://github.com/ildus/midi_foot_ctrl - there is the code btw, but I’m not sure about the hardware of your device.

Hello, Irving from the dev team here. @Casey_Sweten we have a version of the app out. We’re adding more features and unlocking more of the MIDI Maestro’s potential with every release, so keeo your eyes peeled.
Play Store Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.singularsound.midimaestroconfigurator
We don’t yet have a public release for the iOS version, it’s under development; C19 disrupted that effort spectacularly, but we’re on track.

@ildus The embedded web server is unfeasible for this particular case. We’re exploring the possibility of implementing the BLE MIDI device capability, though.

Any chance I could contribute to the code if I get the device?

Not at the moment, but I’ll keep you in mind for the future :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks :slight_smile:

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I have a Behringer FCB 1010 with the UnO chip.( found used around $100 bucks) I can program every button/peddle with an app.
https://www.fcb1010.uno/ I can have 10 programs with 10 buttons each doing anything I want the BB to do. I even programmed a bank to control my Behring Air 16. to change FX and use the expression peddles to change volume on selected channels.plus other things.
the app is simple to use. the only problem is it is a floor hog, big, and heavy. I was hoping to use the MM in the same way to gain restate on my peddle board.