MIDI Controller without Keys?

In this link below, Reathpd demonstrated using the controller functions of a keyboard MIDI controller to control different functions of the BB.

I’d like to find a tabletop controller with no keys that does similar (just pads, switches, knobs, transport control, etc.) but not having much luck finding a device sans keyboard and having a 5 pin DIN MIDI Out.
I found a couple of controllers that have keys and if I have no luck finding something without, these may be an option, but would prefer no keys. Both do have PC software which appears to be able to program the controller functions. The Novation’s MIDI implemention chart seems to capture most MIDI functions I would want for the BB. The Alesis documentation did not include a MIDI implemention chart.

You could use a midi controller app on an iPhone/iPad/tablet such as MidiDesigner and Bluetooth connect to the BeatBuddy

Nektar Aura might be nice. Search for midi pad controllers and you’ll find a variety of possibilities.

I’ve had some success with the Beatstep

Iirc I couldn’t quite get a satisfactory tempo control (or was it volume?) I think because the knobs are continuous I could only set it up so I had to turn one knob to increase tempo and another to decrease. I could have it so tapping a pad lowered and another raised tempo by one, which worked ok

I’ve used the Beatstep Pro with much success. I’ve used it in a lot of videos for my channel, but here was the first one:

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Korg make several https://www.korg.com/au/products/computergear/