Midi controllers over usb

Hi there, love the pedal and the recent updates. I would really like to integrate a midi controller into my set up but struggling to find a controller that does what I want that has 5 pin DIN. Any plans to make usb operate as midi port in future updates?

Perhaps low latency Bluetooth Midi?

If you expect to use any other midi devices in the future, you could consider a midi hub that handles USB and 5-pin. Or, if you ever expect to record to computer via audio interface, you could buy an interface that also serves as a midi hub.

Out of curiosity, what controllers are you considering?

Hello everyone!
My installation is using iConnectivity MIO XM.
All synthesizers, VL3X, BeatBuddy/Eros/MM in Daisy-Chain and Steinberg UR44c/Cubase communicate through it. There are 4 DIN ports and 4 USB ports (expandable up to 8 via USB hub). There is a MIDI over Ethernet possibility (or WiFi? why not? :wink: ), but this is not necessary yet for me. The device allows you to set routes of MIDI channels between any devices and filter any MIDI messages. The device is not easy to understand, but very flexible. And it seems a little expensive :slight_smile:

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Hi, I am trying to find a way to press a button to call up a specific song, a blank but with right tempo/time signature. I would like the button to send simultaneous midi message to also call up patch settings on a zoom g7.1ut and alesis dm5 drum brain.
Of course solo, mutes (that I have struggled to master with my feet) and fades at the touch of buttons would also be very useful.
Feel like it could be done with a programmable controller like behringer x touch mini, maybe I will just have to wait until the sleeping potential of the usb socket is awoken.