Midi cord.

Wondering if anyone has had trouble connecting the midi breakout cord to the BB. I was having trouble when I first got the unit but got it to work and now the same problem has arose again. I 'm talking about connecting the cord to the jack on the side of the unit. Don’t know if it is the way that it lines up on my unit but it just won’t go in there. not a big fan of that type of connection. If the cord gets bent at all it seems to not want to line up. Seems to me that the jack may be recessed to far inside the unit but I don’t want to fool with it. Anyone have a suggestion.

Mine also seems weird. Wierd, as in crooked - doesn’t seem to line up square with the outer casing. It works though, I’m happy for that. I have to use my Beatbuddy on two different pedalboards; one is a Pedaltrain Nano by itself with a 2 button FS, and the other is a Pedaltrain Mini with a Power Supply and Boomerang 3. The mini-midi connector on the Beatuddy appears to be substandard and I DO worry about its longevity with all the weekly plugging/unplugging action. Time will tell - so far so good.

The MIDI breakout cable can connect to the BeatBuddy’s PS/2 port only in one position/angle - where the word ‘MIDI’ is right side up facing the back of the unit; kind of like a plug to an outlet. If there is still difficulty connecting the y-cable despite confirming that you are inserting it correctly, then maybe the cable or the port is problematic. If this is the case, take a close up photo of the port and the MIDI cable part you connect, and send me an email at support@mybeatbuddy.com - and we will take it from there. :slight_smile:

Pigtronix pedals have similar issues with some of their midi and USB jacks. They use a rubber gasket between the jack and the inside of the pedal case. Seems to help a little. If you’re willing to open your BB pedal case (assuming it’s out of warranty), you might be able to see if you can gently realign the jack or maybe trim a rubber washer to make it easier for the jack to grip the midi plug. This will affect your warranty if it’s still in effect (in which case it would be better to do as the help desk suggested). I’ll bet there are other users that can share their tips.

When I got BB with the cable, one of the pins from the cable was lightly bent. When I tried to get it in,wondered how hard to push…:eek::oops:
Then I had to straighten it:rolleyes::cool:. It works since, but I don`t plug it in and out so much…o_O

I had this problem when I first got the unit but eventually I got the cable to work. I usually just keep the cable always connected. I have since removed it several times and have not had an issue but suddenly the cable won’t connect. Don’t know if the cable has been slightly bent or if the port has moved slightly. Anyhow looks like the cable is a little bent out of shape now so it may be hard to realign. Thanks for the suggestions. Might have to reinvest in a cable. I have a cable for connecting an Irig to an Ipad and it looks like a similar type jack. That won’t connect to the beatbuddy either. Unless it is slightly smaller but it looks the same to my eye.