Midi data error

Recently I’ve connected bb to a synth via midi (bb = master) and was surprise to see that all notes played on bb go to the synth as well. The only way to not hear it is to put volume on 1st channel of synth down to zero (but i can’t prevent them entering synth).

With loops having max 3 - 4 instruments in a drum set (kick, sna, hh) this is not a problem but when there is 8-9 (drumset + percussion on latin set), I got midi data error on synth and it affect the play. Probably synth has problem to receive as many notes.

Is there any option on bb to filter midi output and get rid of bb notes from the midi path? (of course to preserve start, stop and other useful commands)

(I couldnt find option on synth to ignore or redirect the notes from bb)

Thanks if someone can advise

There are some midi options in the pedal, and one turns this feature off… I don’t know them off the top of my head, but some forum searching, or just checking out the options on the pedal itself should reveal the answer

If you’re referring to Midi messages > Beatbuddy > Midi Out or Midi Thru, actually Midi Thru stops sending anything including Start function. Means, no synch at all, loop on synth even doesn’t start :frowning: