Midi dead space gets moved to beginning of part

I’m gonna call this a bug, but it’s really more of a tip for content developers, i.e., those of use who post songs to the Forum. I am finding that when I have dead space at the end of a midi, and this usually is the case in an outro part, BBM will move that dead space to the beginning of the midi part, resulting in a delay to the starting time of the part. This can be seen with the metronome going red and blinking before the part plays. To remedy this, I am making my endings just shy of the full end measure mark, and I make sure I have a midi note event going to that end. This cures the issue.

I have noticed this happened in a fair number of the songs that I have posted to the Forum, and I am going through them now to fix the problems. If you know of affected songs, please send me a message in a conversation. If you have downloaded some of my songs, please check for the Resources section for the updated versions. My apologies for the buggy sounding songs.