MIDI Editing in BBM

1st post! Hi everybody… I’ve really been enjoying the BB FORUM as I just received my BeatBuddy. LOTS to learn. Doin’ B++ IMHO. Finally the Question… in the SONG Intro I would like to ADD an intro measure (or more) for a metronome or the like. If I change the Total Measures Box, it only adds the measure to the END. How would I add it to the Front? Also, it sure would be nice if there was some way to know what measure I was looking at through the different ZOOM Modes… just sayin’ (with a smile on my face)!! Hope I’m doin’ this POST properly.

I’m not sure I understand what you are saying…

Do you mean you just want to a click / mete one as a count in for the song?

If so… it’s much easier to do in a DAW like Pro Tools, Ableton etc. in those programs it’s really easy and quick.

In BBM you would have to start a new midi clip, add your hats or metronome on the 1 3 of bar one then 1 2 3 4 on bar two, then rebuild the intro fill if you want it also…

I’ve built a bunch of simple INTRO clips that are foot hat with a simple fill / build at the end of the measure.

I’ve also got songs that have a INTRO part that goes for 30 bars or so of just kick drum it whatever it may be - kinda like having an extra song part. I like this way because I run all of my songs on the VERSE CHORUS type system. Only ever having two parts per song.

Hope that helps…

Hi Trent… thanks for getting back to me. Yes, all I would like to do is add a blank measure to the beginning of an INTRO, (so I can hear a count in and not have to watch the little screen to find the tempo), just like I can add a blank measure to the end of the INTRO. Maybe it is easier to do in a DAW but I don’t have one. How hard could it be to add a measure to the end, then highlight it and DRAG it to the front? I don’t really want to build new intros when there are hundreds of them already available. Kind of frustrating, but, thanks for trying.