midi editor changing notes

hi, I got a pretty strange behavior from the editor, randomly when I open a part there changes notes one lower e.g. a hh closed become handclaps, snare cross stick… etc.
is this a known bug?


Yes, it’s a long-standing issue and the developers are aware of it.

To get around it:

  • save the song before opening the BB Midi Editor ME
  • open the ME and if the notes are not correct, cancel out of the ME—DO NOT MAKE CHANGES AND APPLY IN ME as it will hose the note-off
  • open the ME again and repeat until the ME displays the notes in their proper position (it usually takes me ~3 times); cancel again and save the song
  • if the BBM ME displays Non-supported notes, same as above applies; don’t edit in the ME and Apply—instead, change in your DAW
  • another tip: some users suggest quantizing the notes when the BB ME opens. for the same reason as above, I don’t quantize