MIDI editor software?

Ok, I have searched and searched! What is one piece of software that I can open an existing .midi file, edit it like I do in a DAW, then save it? WIthout having to go through a million steps to convert to apple loops, import into logic, edit, save to apple loops, convert to midi, blah blah blah?

Anyone? I have searched this entire forum and not found an answer?

Looks like you used search incorrectly.

If you find creating songs is too hard for you, you can always resort to downloading some user-created songs here on the forum.

I have still not had a chance to test any software fully. There is a program called midi editor which is a bit clunky the interface is not pretty but is fine for changing midi notes. I made a new drum beat and cut and exported it all only to find some of the toms did not trigger, rather that importing and exporting them again I used that program which re saved it as a midi file which was quicker than using Cubase.

Not helpful and condescending. Is this how you want to represent yourself?

I have had the same experience with one called MidiDrum. Not only clunky, and can only export midi, not import, but I’m pretty sure it’s adware and installed a bunch of crap on my fresh windows 7 install lol.

Then I downloaded one called DrumFlow, but it seems to be highly complicated and only work in a custom format, not midi at all.

Logic Pro has an AMAZING drum beat editor called the hyper editor. But it’s mac only, so I’m looking at copying beats from windows to mac, editing, then copying back. Might just have to deal with it…

I’m paddling in the same boat with you bro !
I ripped a beat using (some) midi editor ,
played it on vanbasco midi player, (use on stage for midi files on laptop,)
then when I put it in Cakewalk to delete the edited 8 bar intro,
no events are saved & won’t play in BB
, tried Guitar pro 5 ( sounded like an atari)
did a google search and found a wiki page with midi editors …
& find myself farther from the prize than ever.
I’ve even taken a midi from (eg country shuffle, … and renamed notes, )
but, like the guy previously posted … ‘damn it Jim , I’m not a drummer…’
Yes, I’ll be waiting for the included midi editor in this package.

I am a drummer, a professional one even that gets paid to beat on things(mainly timpani and xylophone, but I have played the set for a few country groups as well). So I have never had a need to learn electronic drum stuff haha.

I did just find out that in the newest version of Logic 9 they added a direct export to MIDI feature for apple loops! I created the beats for tear in my beer the way I would play them, exported them to MIDI, rebooted into windows, grabbed them in the manager, and they played perfectly! I did this on my break at work, so tonight when I get home I’ll upload to the pedal and see how it goes. But I’m pretty excited, the drum editor in logic is AMAZING, and super super easy to use.

Will be even better when the mac version is out so I don’t have to constantly reboot into windows lol.

Let me know if you find anything else useful though, I’m all ears!

Logic sounded great until I saw the $200.oo price tag .
looks like I’ll be digging out my Magic software , apparently there’s something ‘useful’ for it .
Between it & Cakewalk & all, I might get somewhere… Ooh yeah, those darn holidays :wink:
testing freebie software today.

If I didn’t already own Logic, NO WAY I would spend 200 just for programming a beat buddy lol

I just uploaded the track I made in logic, Tear In My Beer, seems to work great! So now I have a very very simple way to create beats, look out, I’m about to program my entire cover bands setlist, one song at a time lol

I am hoping I will be able to recommend presonus studio one free as that also has an OSX version. I got the full version as they were selling it rediculously cheap during Black Friday week but have not had much chance to play with it.
There is a ton of free stuff out there most is rubbish but some isn’t, the difficulty is finding the good stuff. NCH do Mixpad which has a midi editor and appears free how useful it is I don’t know. The program I mentioned in my previous post is downloadable from midieditor.sourceforge.net

The way the MIDI files sound in Guitar Pro will sound completely different when they are transferred into the BeatBuddy Manager. As long as you compose them right, and map them accurately to the corresponding drums (in accordance with the Standard GM Drum Map), any MIDI file in the BeatBuddy Manager should sound identical to any other MIDI file there that came preloaded on it with the same mappings as the one you import in.

[EDIT] Please note, that while the quality of the actual sounds of the drums being played will be identical in quality to the rest of the default content (because it is all mapped to the same quality WAV files), the BeatBuddy Manager will not “unquantize” quantized beats. This may lead to the beats being played to sound a little more robotic and less human-like. While this may not be extremely noticeable, this is something to keep in mind.