Hi guys putting a request in for next software update to upgrade the midi editor a little.For example the ability to cut and paste after extending the pattern length allowing the option of not having to manually add the extra instruments each instrument at a time just to add a tom roll or extra kick at end of the added bar.Is that as clear as mud?

I absolutely Second this request.
I am sure that programming the editor isn’t easy, but i am used to building beats in pro tools, both midi and wav.
the beat buddy manager software has been crucial in making my set list, there were several beats I had to build from scratch.
It would’ve went quicker with a cut and paste option.
also the ability to ADD or SUBTRACT measures or beats instead of bars would be nice.
maybe this is already possible and I just dont know how to do it yet, but building odd time signatures was frustrating.
I was trying to build fell on black days in 6/4, I gave up and just bought the soundgarden pack for that one song.

I think an upgrade/update for midi editor along with beatbuddy manager is long overdue. It’s been more than 2 years!!!

Hi Seth. I also bought the Soundgarden drum beats, specially because I wanted to play Fell on Black Days. But the thing is not working right I think, since the transitions dont do as its supposed to on the original song. Its like the transitions are cut off while there was still something next. I have the idea that this issue occurs because the transition are on a different time signature (4/4 I think) than the main drum loops (6/8). I have this idea because of the visual metronome. The transitions lights for just 4 times, while the main drum loops do this 6 times. Do you have the same problem? To make this clear I am trying to play the song just out of the box, I mean not “joining” all the parts using any software as if you wanted to play the song straight. Please let me know. Cheers.

Hi, hope I’m in the right slot here?
I tried to write the midi-file for “solsbury hill” (P. Gabriel) and encountered a problem; the verse is in 7/4, (that I managed to write)
. But I have to change in a transition with 4/4 beat when it comes to “grab your things I’ve come to take you home”
But I think, beatbuddy can not change from 7/4 into 4/4 and back. Is that right?


I will be doing a tutorial of how to write the parts for any time signature within the 4/4 time code. Check out my channel for that video i will add in the future. Also, i have many tutorials on how to write parts :slight_smile: