MIDI-export error?

Hi all,

I’m a new Buddy. Last Weekend I mess around with the BB and try to change some details on the “Rock 8” sng. For this, I export the main part as midi. The result (after import to cubase) are only three (never ending) midi-notes. ?!?
Export of another song (I don’t remember wich one) work fine.
What’s going on? Is it a bug? Did I something wrong? Maybe some songs are copyright-protected? :wink:
OK, workaround is to record the song directly into cubase, but I think a working midi-export is mutch easier and safe time.
Any ideas? (Thanks in advance)

I don’t think you’ve done anything wrong. Here’s some thoughts:

  • the beats are not copy-protected
  • the main drum loops from the BeatBuddy Manager are loops so when you edit them with your DAW, they will import and play as loops
  • if you are using BBM 1.6.5 or, I think the Export to MIDI doesn’t work correctly with all BBM song parts (oddly enough, some might export to MIDI just fine); the screen shot shows a comparison of the same Rock 8 file exported to MIDI using and a beta BBM (not yet available to forum users because it is quite buggy). In the top track, the main drum loop was exported correctly by the beta version of the BBM (see the separation between notes?); the bottom track was exported to MIDI using (thus the 3 long notes)
    Please let me know which version of the BBM you are using as well as your computer OS version (Mac or PC).

Hi again,
I’m using BBM 1.6.5 on Win 8.1.
The fun is, that exported file plays very well with Windows Mediaplayer.
Thanks for your help.

Thanks to AxelSchweiss, pointing Windows media player can plan any BBManager exported file, he gave me a Workaround idea to repair BBManager exported files with 100% successing.
Steps to follow :
1 - right click the BBManager part to export it as fileA.mid somewhere else than the default folder,
2 - I personally used Aria Maestosa version 1.4.12 (freeware) which have the ability to put notes on the timeline, right in place and same lenghts.
3 - Import fileA.mid in Aria Maestosa,
4 - Export it as fileB.mid
5 - Import fileB.mid in any Midi editing software, it works !
6 - Re-import fileB.mid in BBManager, it works again !
7 - Cherry over the cake, it works fine also with original SingularSounds beats provided with the BBuddy, even if it seems BBManager do not export the tempo.
I’m not sure this method be the best repairing midi tracks with polyphonic instruments playing long duration notes, but it fits good for any percusive intrument track. Maybe the dead a long life bugg…
Can someone give me feedback about this repair method ?

ThankYou Gratatouille. Your solution also worked for me. But what’s wrong, I do not know. Is it Beatbuddy Manager who exports errors? Is Cubase unable to import correctly?..

There is an issue with some versions of the BBM not exporting to MIDI. Use the latest version of the BBM to resolve this.

Thank You for answering.
I have previously installed the very latest version of BBM. Then there was no problem exporting midi file. The problem was that the midi file was incorrect when I imported it into Cubase.

Therefore, I installed an older version of BBM ( that also exported to a midi file, and the exported file was not wrong when I imported it to Cubase.

Therefore, I am currently waiting for an updated version of BBM, which hopefully exports a flawless midi file.

Hallelujah Olav !
Happy to see this working good for you.
Maybe SingSound didn’t want people to export patterns furnished with the BBbox… Bad idea.
Have fun.


i have errors when import to area maesotsa