Midi Export from BB Manager

Since today I have a problem when exporting midi files from BB Manager V1.6.6.0. No matter which file I export, it cannot be loaded in any midi editor. The file is always 36kb in size. I excluded Midi files from the virus scanner. I have exhausted all my knowledge and hope for your help.


Hi, please also reach out to support@singularsound.com for more assistance while you wait for a response here

thank you

Version 1.6.6 was never officially released and it kind of hangs around as a beta.

The issue is that some BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) users have reported that exporting to MIDI from the BBM corrupts the MIDI files.

This does not happen with all versions of the BBM and it can happen based on many factors such as an update to the operating system or a change to a user’s PC operating environment. It seems to happen most frequently for Mac BBM users but some Windows users also report the issue. It can also happen for no apparent reason.

You can try several steps to resolve: (there is no guarantee that the first two steps will help but they may be part of what Support suggests you do)

  1. Remove the BBM from your computer, restart your computer and then reinstall; or,
  2. Revert to the official release version;
  3. See what Support can do to help you.

I have now installed the BB Manager version 1.65 and the export of midi files still doesn’t work. The midi files are now smaller in file size but still cannot be loaded by a midi editor. When loading I get the message that the file is corrupt.

Are you using a Mac or Windows PC?

Windows 10

DM sent

What finally ended up working is based in part of the workaround from this thread:

This may not work for every user but its worth a try. If your MIDI editing app no longer recognizes files exported to MIDI from the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM), try opening or importing the file in a different DAW or MIDI editing app and either save or export it with a new name.

It works with my Magix Software also

Thank you.

I experience the same issue at times as well. Sometimes when trying to load an export .MID file from BBM and then dropping it into Bandlab Cakewalk I get a corrupted file message and it doesn’t import. Other times it works just fine. One solution I’ve found is to import it into one of my other DAW’s, save it and then import it to Cakewalk. I am running Windows 11 and using 1.65 of BBM. This obviously is an issue with the export function of BBM. When will this be fixed?

yes, I export from BB Manager and import into Magix Music Studio. From here I export the whole thing unedited and can now edit it in any midi editor. This is very cumbersome, but still better than no solution at all. As I have noticed, the problem only occurs occasionally and I therefore think that the developers do not give this problem any priority.

The further development of the BB Manager is very slow!

Again, WHY when I export some .mid files from Beadbuddy to my desktop and then import them into Bandlab Cakewalk they work and other times I get the following message:

However, I never get that message when I import an exported .mid file into Audacity. If I save the imported file from Audacity and then try to import into Bandlab Cakewalk it works!?

What’s the issue here?