MIDI export issue into Pro Tools First

I’ve done this 100s of times before with success every-time, but for some reason now when I export out a MIDI file in BB Manager 1.64 I cannot import it into Pro Tools First now, has anyone else had/having this issue. It has been 6 months since I have tried to do this. Did something change? I am trying to edit the bass on the attached song.

The reason I need to edit this song is the bass should go to ‘D’ not ‘E’ during guitar solo, does anyone have an edited version they could post?

Thank you in advance!

Update: Something seems wrong with the MIDI file, getting this error (see attached) trying to open in BeatBuilder.


That’s good! Would you mind sharing what you did to fix it?

I noticed the DL had the midi file, duh…

Sorry to take up space on the forum.