Midi Export Issue

I 've been editing Exported Midi files for a month now using Cubase. when I import the exported Midi file that came from BB Manager 1.60

1st they import with 2 tracks now
(they did not when I first started editing using 1.5)
2nd the drum track seems to only have one bar of midi events and not the whole part.
(which when I first started editing they had the midi events for the whole part)

Now it seems that there may be Midi editors that have a repeat setting that allows you to just build one measure and then tell the editor to repeat for some many bars.

I posted this to asked some BB’s if that is whats going on or is it something else ?

I know BBM 1.6 is still in testing. I’m just curiuos to what this issue is


Hey, John BBM 1.6.0.x is still in beta and has an issue with successfully exporting midi files. The developers are aware of this and are working to fix it. To successfully export midi files, please use version of the BBM.

Ok no problem thank you for the info

Thanks for the update Persist and Jstauss. I just discovered this issue also. I wrote support. Glad they are aware of it. But even more glad for this board. I spent alot of time thinking it was my software etc…

Yes me too. I almost did not ask about it. Glad I did. I’m back on 1.5 right now.
I’m just going to have fun with the tunes that are working with that version.
Theirs so many That the waiting for 1.6 wont be so Hard