midi feature request, one more quarter note


I’m practicing with my BB and boomerang. I notice that, when I double-tap the BB to end, the BB does trigger a stop for the loop on the Boomerang, but, there is an extra quarter-note in the outtro.
the outtro is usually a “1-2-3-4-1” but the last quarter-note is only drums. It would bee neat to have the loop stop after that last quarter-note, or at least a sellectable on/off for this feature depending on how it sounds.



I initially thought the same.

But! Let it act the way it does now. Simply strum the chord you want right when the Rang III stops. Like in 1-2-3-4-looper stops-BB is about to kick in with the last 1 - and here you drop everything you played, and come up with a full chord, or a power chord - your outro will be impressive!


Yeah Daefecator, you’re probably right because even if it does give me another quarter-note, it won’t hold the last chord out it will just cut off.


That’s the exact trick I do on my video approximately at 2:30 - http://youtu.be/dWJycpyhn9U?t=2m30s. I am simply playing the looped main part together with the looper to get more “fat” sounding. (You can actually hear my strings being actively strummed as this home record is far from ideal).

7 seconds later I initiate Outro (BB double tap squeaks are pretty audible), then 3 more seconds later (when BB outro ends and the looper turns off), I end with a power chord that goes on to some fluff in the end.