Midi Features I think would be helpful keep unit off the floor as well

I have a feature request that I think would be helpful. I have been looping in my shows since early 2000’s id say 2002 or somewhere around there ,just for reference… This looper is great and I love the fact that it has the touch screen. The area I feel all of these fall short (this is not a dis just a recommendation) is the fact that the touch screen is great but people like me who do a one man show don’t want to constantly get down on the ground to access the unit. sometimes I want to use my hands to make changes mid song or whatever and I always keep this unit on a stand or table / desktop next to me so I can make quick changes.
the issue at this point is that in order to use the unit now to loop I need to incorporate the midi pedal for the main looping functions that I need. unfortunately you can not replicate the commands exactly the way they work on the main unit for the midi pedal. This would be a HUGE step up for this machine. if you could replicate everything in the midi pedal then you can just keep the floor unit within reach and never have to get on the ground to make quick changes etc.
also the added advantage here is that you are also not putting wear and tear on the main unit as well… the buttons will last longer and a midi pedal is easier to replace if it breaks.
for example I also use the fractal FM9 in my show and that thing is like 1800 dollars and I don’t want it on the floor so I use the foot pedal and I control the unit from the floor. I have had to replace that foot pedal once already and it was way easier than getting another unit. I am always using the touch screen to make changes during my show on this unit as well and the midi pedal in that situation works great… I am also currently using the built in looper on the fractal until I can get the aeros ready for live use as id love to be able to have more than one loop and song part etc… I know these things can be done through midi because the fractal can do it. I am positive this would help a massive amount of people out if you guys would give this some serious consideration :slight_smile: I hope someone considers it

Tldr; OP wants full midi control over Aeros.

Simplest way to achieve that interactivity is to have midi commands that map to all button and scroll wheel actions AND emulate selection (nav cursor?) and pressing on-screen buttons.

That doesn’t replace the need for midi control of missing commands, but is a general purpose, simple interface.

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I wonder if you have tried version beta version 5.0.3, there are incredible strides toward making the looper more hands free.

We are also not done adding MIDI functionality, more will be coming soon, this is intended for the next release after 5.0.x goes to WiFi.

Let me know!

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I have to download the new beta… It doesn’t come up as a wifi update yet so I have been lazy :slight_smile: I will try it tonight after my gig for sure… this little looper has so much going for it! Im glad you guys actually listen to the feedback and try to make it better! Thanks for the hard work!

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We will be on WiFi soon hopefully!

It’s our mission to make powerful products, thanks for the kind words :slight_smile: