Midi File Sound Different in BBManager


I created a MIDI file using guitar pro (guitar, bass and drums).
I opened in BeatBuilder, only sound the drums but sounds great.
The problem is when I created a song in a BBManager and added the midi file, the drums sound is very bad and the bass not sound.

The drums in Beatbuilder use Crash Cymbal Low, Hit Hat Opened, Snare and Bass Drums.
I tried many drumset but nothing sound good and the sound is without bass.

What can I do?

If you’re not using a drums-with-base drumset, you won’t hear anything but the drums. As for making the drums sound better, BBM does not sound as good as the Beat Buddy itself, but it doesn’t sound bad. Which drumset are you using in BBM?

I should also point out that the GM MIDI drumset has two kick drums and two snares, one of which sounds great, while the other, not so much. The good ones are note 36 (bass) and 38 (snare).


Currently I’m using NP StdPBass 63 - 91 (My favorite for now) and Rock & Rick Bass 0-31.
Are these good drumkits?
Can you suggest me some cool drumkits?