Midi File Will Not Load When Creating Song


I’m having an issue with some midi files as I create new beats for songs.
In face, even some of the midi files that have been uploaded to this site from other users won’t load… For instance, try “Walk This Way” from the forum.
Please see that attached error that is returned when trying to load.
This doesn’t happen with all files but so far I would say its about 40% to 50% of them.
Are there some requirements for what is contained within the file?
Let me know what you find…


Are you sure your MIDI file contains actual beats? Please upload the file that causes the import error for you.


If I play it on my editor it works and if I double click in windows, it opens and works…
Here is one attached.


This is exactly what I was talking about. Your MIDI file doesn’t contain Percussion track. That is why it is treated as empty by manager software.


I guess then we need a bit more understanding of what BB will take, because if I double click on the file I hear a beat and if I move the file into my recording software as a midi (Reaper), it also plays back the drums and it sounds great so what do I need to do differently or how then do you map the midi beats such that they work with the percussion?
Let me know.


I think it’s the software you uses non-standard (proprietary) MIDI extensions. MIDI protocol is designed in such way that you can easily add any data you wish, like current temperature outside, your date of birth, the nickname of your dog you had in your childhood etc etc. The trick is only your application will be able to use this data, and all other applications (like standard Windows player) will simply ignore it. If you insist, I can check your MIDI files with my parser to test if it really contains some non-standard extensions.

The MIDI file you’ve uploaded plays only some notes (that sound like a piano to me) and no beats at all. When I import the file into my Guitar Pro 5.2 it shows only 1 acoustic guitar track. There is no percussion track present!

BeatBuddy manager software expects MIDI files to contain a percussion track and ignores all other tracks.