Midi files edititng

Hi guys.

I’m sorry if this has already been clarified somewhere. I want to edit a midi file, what free software would you recommend? I need to be able to copy what is already there so that it gets twice as long in duration and delete a few crash cymbals in the second round. I hope you understand. If not, please let me know and I will try to clarify further. Cheers.

Windows or Mac?

Mac, version 10.12.6


  • Beatbuilder, which you can find by searching on the forum
  • Aria Maestosa
  • Garageband (you’ll need a utility G2B to extract the MIDI from an audio file)
  • Presonus Studio


  • Reaper

I would have recommended Logic Pro X but Apple no longer makes it available for Mojave.

The thing is, though, that it seems impossible to me to find and delete what I need to delete. When I see the MIDI file I want to work with it just looks like what´s on the attached photo. How do I even start to understand what is what? I most likely am complicating things, but bear with me. I’m totally new in this MIDI-editing world…

As I’m not familiar with the program you’re using, I can’t help you.

I’d you have GarageBand on your computer, you should be able to at least see the drum instrument names in the MIDI editor.

I don’t know which program that is for sure but it does look like Ableton Live. They are all pretty similar. Under the blue bar you have the notes in your midi file. There should be what they call a ‘piano roll’ view which is what an old player piano paper roll looks like (slits where the notes are played). Probably in the View menu you will be able to have an image of a keyboard laid out vertically on the left side of the Blue pane - this will tell you which note is which. In Ableton Live, click the track (blue pane) and select View Details from the View menu at the top. This will pop up some detail at the bottom in another pane. Here is an example:

The bottom right pane is the MIDI notes with the Piano keyboard and a description of each drum on the left.

You can probably also hit the keys on that piano image to hear which sound is being generated by each key. This will help you develop a map of the drum sounds that are available in the particular drum kit you are using and also when you press play, the time bar will play each note as it rolls over the dashes. My advice is to just play with it. You should be able to move the notes around (make a safe copy first), cup, copy, paste, delete or insert notes, etc.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

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