midi files from EZ drummer2 don't work with BBM

Hey guys!
well I read from France so, sorry for my approximative english…
I want to copy midi files from my EZ drummer 2 logiciel.
so I copy the file and export to BBM in a song i’ve created for the occasion but the file doesn’t work like the original.
the Hi Hat becomes the snare… etc…
What Iforgot to do in EZ
thank’s for help.


The forum has several threads discussing this issue as well as proposed solutions. The bottom line is that the EZD2 and the BB drum mappings are slightly different and you just have to adjust (move the hi-hats, etc) some of the drum instruments from your EZD2 song to match the BB mapping. I’ve attached a map to help you
This map was provided by John M and appears in post 19 at http://forum.mybeatbuddy.com/index.php?threads/add-drum-sets-from-ez-drummer.5918/#post-23674 (you might find the entire thread at this link very helpful, especially posts 14 and 15). This is really just a point of departure, though.

If you’re still having problems, upload your MIDI file here and we’ll take a look at it.