MIDI Files Handling?

I am now using BB as a drum module (set as MIDI CH10), and sending my MIDI files via MIDI through BB to a bass module (MIDI CH09). This all works nicely.

Now I’m wondering if I can “cut up” my songs into loops into MIDI files containing 2 “tracks” (CH10 drums, CH09 bass) for storing in BB. I would then play the loops via MIDI commands or via the BB pedal/switches “the traditional way.” Will BB pass through the associate MIDI CH09 MIDI notes to my bass module?

Unfortunately not really, the MIDI file would all playback on the current BeatBuddy output channel, it cannot be split in the content.

Let me know if you have any other questions thanks!

Where in the midi spectrum is your bass module expecting to receive its input notes? If the module expects notes in the C1-G3 range, midi 36 to 67, then, yes, that going to be a problem, as it would conflict with the range of the drum kit. But, if you can tell your module to expect bass notes coming from midi 0 through 31, Then, you could actually pass just drums to the BB and just bass to the bass module. The thing then would be to use a kit with no bass, (wee actually with nothing assigned) to notes 0 through 31. This way, the BB would receive and pass this input, but it would not react upon it.

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So … does BB handle Standard MIDI File Type 0, Type 1, or both?

I can certainly set my bass notes “out of range” of BB. But if BB is set as Channel 10, and my bass module as Channel 9 … can BB pass the CH 9 bass notes out?

I think the answer is Type 0 only. Either way, the BB does not seem to pass through any MIDI events other than clock. At least that’s all I am seeing come out of it. I’ve tried MIDI Out set to Out, Thru, and Merge.

The reason I am trying this is I am syncing to a Boomerang looper so I can manually go between verses and choruses and still be in sync. Also need bass, but want mixing control over separate bass and drums. If that makes sense…

It’s not technically a type 0 file, as it does not recognize 16 different channels. It’s a single channel file. You can send and receive it on any channel, or as Omni. Thus, if you can filter out note range 32 to 128 from you bass module, you can receive just 0 to 31 and have those set to transpose +36. This could then allow the BB to play drums and the bass module to play bass. But, it really depends upon the capabilities of that module, or what you might want to explore from Midi Solutions.

Just thinking too much, but, you could send a proper 2 or more channel midi file, then split the file before the BB receives it. Send one signal to the BB on one channel (10 ‘cuz it’s drums?), and let your bass module receive the full midi signal, but have it set to play a given channel. This would then still let you have a live useful middle signal coming out of midi out/through of the bass module.

Your second answer confuses me a bit, @Phil_Flood, as I’m not sure what you mean if you say ‘drum module’: BB (drum module) or bass module?

Thanks. I’ve revised the answer.

Thanks for your ideas and thoughts. But I think I’m trying to put a square peg in a round hole.

The Boomerang looper has to have MIDI clock to be able to sync with drums and bass. If the clock source is BB and the bass and drum MIDI loops were stored on BB, all would sync OK and I could improvise songs (loop on an extended verse, for example). But BB will not “split out” the Bass MIDI and send it through to the bass module. So, that’s a no go. And I find the bass + drum kits to be too restrictive in terms of bass realism, flexibility, and ability to mix volumes independently. IF BB handled MIDI merge properly, then I could split out the bass and then remap the notes using a MIDI Solutions box. Again, a no go.

If clock is sent from an external source (computer or iPad), there is no way to tap BB to sync drums, because BB cannot quantize to a nearest quarter note or whole note. I could, of course send clock and MIDI files (to BB as drum module, and nanobass as bass module) at the same time, but the songs would be locked in with no ability to improvise. A no go.

I am now exploring an interesting set of live performance looper apps for iPad (Loopy Pro, Quantiloop, Group the Loop, etc). These will send clock, and will quantize groups of loops to nearest quarter or whole note, and you can preload them with your own audio files.This would give me more flexibility over drum (Superior Drummer, Moonkits, etc) and bass sounds (I will play my own, or use EZBass). Loops can be grouped for verse, chorus, bridge, etc. I can mix drum and bass levels independently. I can receive countoff via in ear monitors (or BodyBeat). I would have complete flexibility for improvising. Right now I’m working to narrow it down to the best one for workflow, sync, and reliability.

If all works well, I’ll sell my BB, as I really bought it as an experiment to see if it would do what I need. It apparently won’t. Also, I am tired of fighting with BBManager to create my own custom songs and drum sets. Its much too time-consuming. But I don’t consider myself to be a typical BB user. I think BB is a great little tool for those that want to download the canned songs and kits. I also think its also nice for folks who want to play around in the living room, and use as a metronome for practicing. So no hard feelings. Rock on.

I hadn’t heard of Group the Loop. I’ll have to check that one out. Good luck with your exploration! I think you are on the right track.

@Phil_Flood - thanks so much for all your help on this forum. You are a great resource for everyone, and always have timely and useful advice.

@Phil_Flood - I tried all the apps I mentioned , and the new Loopy Pro (the follow on to Loopy and Loopy HD) does everything I need and lots more. You seem like a fellow that likes to experiment with beats and loops. If you have an iPad you really should check the app out (and watch some youtube demos). Its amazingly flexible and versatile. It will sequence or loop audio files (no MIDI files yet but those are coming soon). I’m customizing my drums (Superior Drummer 3, Moonkits) and bass, saving the audio files for song structure (verse, bridge, etc), and importing them into Loopy for sequencing. Everything syncs. Foot button control. Slick as a whistle.