Midi foot controller and looper at the same time?

Sorry if this has been covered here already, but is it possible to use a midi foot controller and looper at the same time? i.e. Have the looper (pigtronix infinity) contolled by the beatbuddy, and the beatbuddy controlled by the footpedal? if so what cabling arrangements are required? I’m new to beatbuddy, so pardon my ignorance!

Yes. The pathway would be Midi foot controller > BB Midi in cable connection> BB > BB Midi out Cable connection > Looper.

You would best be advised to have the BB and the Looper set to separate midi in channels. BB would be configured bothe to accept midi in and send midi out. Lets say the BB in is midi channel 1 and the looper in is midi channel 2. The foot controller would be set to send on Channel 1 to control just the BB. The BB midi out channel is set to channel 2. When it send a midi signal it is received by the looper. Note that this is not referencing the BB External pedal, which does not provide a means to send channeled midi signals. You would need something like the Behringer FCB 1010, or the Singular Midi Maestro, if it ever gets released.

Thanks for the detailed answer! I’m considering the MeloAudio MIDI Commander foot pedal. It seems to have decent reviews.

I am not familiar with that unit. I’ve looked at the manual, and it does not seem to send PC messages as I would expect it to. It does send CC messages through the full 127 range.

If you want to be able to control tempo, you want to be sure that the controller can send the MSB/LSB messages in the format expected by the BB.

I guess the bottom line is that you need to do careful research on any midi controller to be sure its going to work with the midi units that you want to control. I had the unfortunate experience of touting a Roland controller that I has previously owned for some purpose or other. When the person asking about it purchased it, they found it had a limited range of some values most likely CC values only up to 100. I felt bad, but fortunately they had another use for the controller, so it worked out.

Good to know. Thanks!

Exactly what I do. I use a Roland FC300 midi controller and that works using several different midi channels to control FX’s and a guitar synth. I sync the BB with my Infinity looper using the BB midi cable, synced from Ableton Live and that also syncs all my software and hardware synths including some on my iPad all at the same time. I like using the external foot switch too which enables me to change patterns add accents etc. I write with this setup and its very flexible. I can also play it live.