MIDI Implementation Chart for BeatBuddy?

Is there a MIDI Implementation Chart for BeatBuddy?

Or any documentation of what can be controlled and what can’t via MIDI?

There`s no Midi Implementation for BeatBuddy right now… SAD BUT TRUE!!!
BB can just recieve or send Midi clock and Midi start/stop.
Daefecator mentioned somewhere in this forum, that maybe sometime there will be an FU for that, as far as I remember (is that right Daef? Please say something different…)
This is the only thing, I am missing for this awesome INSTRUMENT. I would be so much excited when full Midi implementation would come, or at least someone who can say it will come for sure, and approximately when it will come ( not a date, but maybe what will come befor…)

It also receives and transmits midi notes with latest firmware I believe.

I haven’t tested this extensively, but this is true as far as I know.

I confirm it sends and receives MIDI notes. I tried it out hooking it up with my iPad and MIDI Monitor and MIDI Touch. Try sending a C2 note, e.g.

I can also send it Stop and Start messages using Sysex strings in real-time (Start=FA, e.g., F0 FA F7; Stop=FC). Presumably the fills and transitions and endings, etc. could be triggered with Sysex or Program Change or other type of message, if we had a MIDI implementation chart.