MIDI Implementation Chart

The last post I can find on asking about a "MIDI Implementation Chart’ is 2015 and one did not exist back then.
Most manufacturers that have MIDI functionality in a piece of gear will also provide an industry standard piece of documentation commonly referred to as the ‘MIDI Implementation Chart’. Makes it easy to see what the MIDI can do or not do in a clear and easy to understand format. Regardless of how little MIDI may have been implemented in the BeatBuddy, why hasn’t this useful piece of info been created?

The last BeatBuddy ‘MIDI Manual’ was based on ages old firmware v1.77. The current firmware is v2.0.4. Might not be a bad time to create a ‘MIDI Implementation Chart’ and edit the old version manual to reflect any changes. (Hint: If a MIDI Implementation Chart is created, put the firmware version it is applicable to on the chart.)

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Agree. All their documentation and software is out of date.
Even the link on their main page is going to the old forum.
Come on Beat Buddy. Get with the times!!

Bumping my own post. Still looking for a basic current MIDI Implementation Chart for v2.04 or more current version of BB firmware.

Will Maestro and Aeros include this basic and essential documentation??? Or will it come in piece meal bits and pieces via forum posts?

Would/should look like this one below for a Yamaha DD-11 I grabbed as a screenshot

I would like to bump this topic, as i cant find anything newer, and I am looking for something like this.

it appears that I did not search hard enough.
For anyone else looking for this information…