MIDI Implementation

I know this is coming, but I think that the current MIDI implementation should be rethought so that it’s more usable. Specifically, please give each action its own CC rather than doubling them up. This makes it harder to use external controllers. For example;

  1. Change the Mute so that each channel is on its own CC and have mute all be on its own CC. Most controllers with buttons send a value and then a 0 for off. With current set up this mutes everything. Having its own CC prevents this.
  2. Have the channel volumes available available on CCs as well.


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I agree, they need to rethink the entire midi thing. Really odd that none of this was in the pedal from the beginning though. Sadly we’re not going to get all the midi stuff we need at once. From the sound of it, this next one will be more memory fixes again and few new midi stuff, than other firmware after that more midi stuff unless it changes AGAIN before then…

HI there, what controller do you use?

Hi Brennan, I want to use Befaco VCMC eurorack module to control the Aeros. This would enable me to have CV control over the unit. The VCMC is highly configurable, it has 8 sliders/ CVS, 8 push buttons/ gates, etc. However, each button will send a single CC/ Data value and then the same CC/ Data = 0 when it turns off. I don’t have control over the 0 going. With the current MIDI implementation this mutes all tracks. If they were separate it would be easy.

Imagine a world where you have CV control over muting, volume levels etc. would be awesome.

I know you guys think of this as a guitar pedal, but there is a bunch of us who are more synth/ desktop oriented and this could really be a killer looper for us.