midi import Goram packs.

hi, problems with import midi.
i am exporting sections of song into logic x / editing them but when importing them back there is no sound just loops over and over till stop, i have tried just exporting and not editing them and still the same. I have had success only once. If i re-export same unusable midi file it plays ok in logic.
any ideas thanks

Are you importing or adding the MIDI file to a BBM song section?

Which version of the BBM are you using and can you zip and attach one exported MIDI file to this thread?

Ive been drag dropping them from the bpm / .mid into logic and logic asks (import tempo0 if i select yes it seems to default to 120 when when it should be 94.?
Have found out if i export from BB manger song part to desktop then into logic it works

Yeah, BBM does not allow drag and drop from BBM to the Finder and likewise, it does not allow drag and drop from the Finder to the BBM.
ST.mid works st1.mid doesn’t

Sorry no
I’m not dragging to Finder I’m dragging from the beatles pack / strawberry fieldsbpm / .mid into logic x then exporting from logic to finder then import to a song in manager.
If i export the song part from BB manager to finder then drag into logic then export back to finder then import back into BB manager song it works!! few!!!

Sorry. I mistook bpm for BBM.

I took a look at both files in Logic Pro X and exported them to MID and then tested in the BBM and the st1 file does not appear to have any velocity (volume) to the MIDI notes.

Here’s screen shots of the two files taken from the BBM MIDI editor. As to why it’s happening, really couldn’t tell you.
[ATTACH=full]6839[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]6840[/ATTACH]

Ok heres what I’ve found.
The dragging from the bpm /.mid into logic then exporting to finder then into BB seems to be working.
Now if i export from BBmanager a song part to finder then drag it to logic i get a meta showing 0 val in logics event window and when exported to finder then into BB it won’t play, Sorry i may have had the fault the wrong way around before.
look at the screen shots, the one showing the meta 0 (which doesn’t work) is the one exported from BB manager as midi file the one with no meta is the one dragged from bpm / .mid which works.
Do you think its to do with the naming ?
If i export from BB into finder the name ends up as ‘Strawberry Fields - verse 1 main groove (2bars)’ then when dragged into logic it comes out as 'MIDI Editor v.56047 © Singular Sound’ but when directly dragged from bpm/ .mid into logic it ends up as 'Groove Agent SE 01’

heres other

Which version of the BBM are you using?

I’m on another post about the goram packs and why mine are coming so complicated, any ideas?

As I played and watched your problem file using the BBM MIDI Editor, the notes finally played but they appear at the end of the song section. (I don’t think it’s anything to do with the naming. The 'MIDI Editor v.56047 © Singular Sound’ is probably Singular Sound’s water mark.)
There’s a couple of threads on the forum that discuss blank measures at the beginning or end of a MIDI file and that the BBM will not handle them as expected. I’m guessing that this may be the issue.

Might be easiest if you keep a thread on topic. This one really belongs in a separate thread or in the one you’re discussing with GarryA. As to why the songs are set up this way, this is a question best answered by Goran Rista.

Was thinking maybe they downloaded wrong from site (so complicated) thats why I’m having problems exporting