MIDI in from one device, MIDI out to another

Hello all!

I have the MIDI cable adapter for my BB. Can I hook up a midi pedal board (like the FCB-1010) to the MIDI IN on the BB in order to control BB functionality, and then route the MIDI OUT to an infinity looper for timing purposes? I would manually set the MIDI channel so each device communicates on a separate channel.

So, can the BB be both a master and a slave at the same time?

Yes, that works. It will send and receive on two different channels. You want the midi our to send only messages generated by the BB and not the FCB 1010, and there is a setting for that.

You can set the BB to a different channel from the the infinity looper and send tempo control messages from the FCB 1010 to the BB on its channel. These would therefore not control the looper as it is on a different channel. You could set one of the FCB 1010 buttons to be a tap-tempo control. Remember to set the MIDI THRU on the BB to off.

Use the BB as master to send the midi clock to the looper. I have found that the BB as master works best for syncing BB and loops. Note that the midi clock is channel independent and will therefore affect everything downstream that it is connected to regardless of channel - at least this is what I discovered when trying this.