Midi in to control intro on/off

i use setlist maker to set song, tempo and volume on BeatBuddy for each song. It would be useful if I could also set intro on or off via midi to prevent having to duplicate songs unnecessarily.

This would help me also…

Brilliant idea!

I play with keyboard and I find using the intro before I start playing generally too overpowering and the click for every song gets tiresome. I started trying to play keys first and then introduce the the beat with intro at a suitable point, but as per the request, being able to change which of these methods I use on the fly would be awesome. Should work well with midimaestro I would think too :wink:

Hi. This is an old topic, but I want it. Please make this happen immediately. Not just a midi command to turn the intro on and off, but also for the outro. Please help me further customize my live experience.