The BB playes back MIDI Notes from the MIDI in on ALL channels. How can I set a specific MIDI receive channel on the BB?

It’s in the configure settings in the pedal. You can also tell it to receive all Channel’s.

No idea where to find the configure settings. Even by pressing buttons on the pedal, nor in the software. Manual also says nothing searching “configure”. How to find those settings page?

See page 7 of the manual at this link for details on the settings:


Navigating to the config settings for midi can be found on page 31 at this link:


Sorry, maybe I´m too stupid. Page 7 says only: “See dedicated MIDI Document.”

The MIDI document lists all parameters, but does not advise how to enter the “Midi-Settings-page” (or similar).

Press Drum set and Tempo knobs down together. This brings up the settings menu.
Use scroll buttons to scroll to ‘main pedal’, press ‘tap’ to select.
Scroll to ‘Midi Messages’, press ‘tap’ to select.
Select MIDI-In, press ‘tap’ to select.

Carry on like that to find the midi input channel setting.

Sorry, I switched the references in my original post. Yes, that’s what pg 7 says but getting to that menu is laid out in the pages prior. Those pages are the same instructions that user @The Big E posted along with descriptions of the rest of the config options. See top of page 26 of the BB manual for accessing the configuration settings.

Yep. All working fine now. Thx! Tenori-On driving the BB by now ;-).